Best Aerosol Grout Sealer

Seal New or Existing Grout Quickly and Easily

Our StoneDefender aerosol grout sealer makes it easy to seal grout on floors, walls, countertops, and other surfaces.

It works to seal new grout and seals existing grout.

StoneDefender Aerosol Grout and Stone Sealer

Simply point, spray and seal! StoneDefender Aerosol Grout Sealer is a solvent-based sealer that can be applied to existing, damp or uncured grout as soon as 30 minutes after installation. 

It leaves no hard to remove residue and penetrates into the surface to protect grout, stone and masonry against oil and water-based stains.

  • For new, uncured or existing grout
  • Ceramic or porcelain tile
  • Natural and imitation stone
  • For use on floors, walls, countertops and more

Available in a 15 oz aerosol

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